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Not just another Big Data company

Drowning in spreadsheets? Tired of manually updating data? Don't have time and/or budget for a large technology project but still need a quick solution now?

We specialize in small, quick projects. Rather than wait 6-18 months for a larger technology initiative to be implemented, we can help give you breathing room now with the small stuff so you can have time to plan and implement your long-term solutions.

"I'm too busy"


We get it

"We can't afford IT support"

Simply put: Big Data is sexy--we get it. But you have an immediate need now and don't have time to re-evaluate major business processes.


A past employee wrote an Excel macro several years ago that your team has now become dependent on, but now that employee is gone and your macro is having issues. Your subject matter expertise is in your particular business unit, not coding, and you don't have time to learn something new just to fix this one macro.

Send us your scope and requirements, and we'll fix the immediate problem without trying to sell you expensive platforms or advanced solutions.

"I'm not a coder"

"I'm not sure what I need"



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